Irathane Futura®

Irathane Futura® offers state-of-the-art sprayable coatings and structural urethanes that are used extensively in large theming and architectural projects. Irathane Futura® coatings have been used worldwide in theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, hotels, water parks and movie sets to re-create realistic features which will last a lifetime.

Ultrathane 5410
100% solids, two component, fast set, structural polyurethane/urea hybrid.
Ultrachrome 452 Black
A single component, standard cure, water-based, aliphatic urethane.
Ultrachrome 1552
A crosslinker used as an additive to Ultrachrome 452 when there is a requirement for increased adhesion
Styrothane 5321FR
100% solids, two component, fast set, aromatic polyurethane hardcoat
Irabond UU55
A urethane based single component solvented primer
Irabond UU52
A solvented two component intercoat adhesive typically used with Irathane 2855
Irabond 9924
Two component spray applied corrosion resistant etch primer developed for use on most metallic substrates
Irathane TX55
Thixotropic additive for the Irathane 155HS system to increase film build achievable per coat
Irabond RU80
Single component brush applied primer developed for use when coating or repairing cured rubber substrates
Irathane CR94
Cementitious waterproofing compound can be used as a faring or levelling coat on concrete or masonry
Irabond BC50
two component VOC free ambient temperature applied epoxy primer system designed for use on concrete.
Irathane 155 HS
A two component solvented elastomeric polyurethane/urea formulated for use in severe abrasion conditions.
Irathane 255EP
two component 60% solids ambient temperature applied elastomeric coating system specifically developed to replace Irathane 255XD
Irathane 2855
100% solid, hot-processed polyurethane elastomer system, specifically developed for centrifugal lining of slurry pipelines
Protec II
100% solids, fast set, two component urethane
Protec II GW
100% solids polyurethane, hand applied coating for pipe joints where the mainline coating is Protec II
Aqualine 300
100% solids, ambient cure polyurethane/urea system ideally suited to the protection of concrete structures
Aqualine 400
100% solids, two component polyurethane/urea specifically designed for use as an external water proofing membrane
Aqualine 300 TG
Trowel applied version of Aqualine 300