Protec II

100% solids, fast set, two component urethane. It provides a very hard, tough surface with outstanding adhesion and impact resistance to protect against damage during the process of burying for underground service conditions. It provides outstanding corrosion protection under a wide variety of soil pH levels, chemicals and water. Requires plural component, heated application equipment.

Recommended Uses
Ideal protective coating system that provides long-term chemical resistance and corrosion protection for steel and ductile iron pipelines, sheet piling and many other metal substrates. It is also an excellent internal lining for steel tanks, steel and ductile iron pipeline for service in water, wastewater and saltwater. Note: For pipe with inside diameters less than 24” contact ITW Futura Coatings for specific recommendations.


  • Excellent adhesion directly to steel and ductile iron
  • Fast curing for increased productivity and short turn around time
  • Zero VOC
  • Extremely tough, durable coating providing high abrasion and impact resistance
  • Meets AWWA C-222 requirements

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