Marine-Tex® FlexSet

flex set

Sandable and paintable, FlexSet resists vibration and bending failures by curing to a tough, flexible consistency that creates an air and watertight seal between mating surfaces.

Bonds to Polyethylene Starboard & Marine Lumber, PVC, Hypalon®, ceramic, rubber, polyurethane, glass, acrylic, steel, fiberglass, polycarbonate, wood, ABS, aluminum, Lexan® and dissimilar materials.

Apply above or below the waterline, in wet or dry areas.

Bonds dissimilar materials like PVC to copper. FlexSet outperforms PVC Cement! Because of the vibration and shock resistance, FlexSet is highly recommended for PVC pipe repairs. As bonded joints shrink and expand, the FlexSet moves with them. Therefore, it won’t crack or break from the surface.

Hundreds of Uses
Bond and seal deck and hull joints
• Bond, adhere and repair Polyethylene Starboard & Marine Lumber
• Make underwater repairs
• Install thru-hull fittings
• Attach rub-rails and wood trim
• Protect electrical insulation from moisture
• Bond ABS, Lexan® and other “difficult materials”
• Directly attach PVC fittings to unthreaded metal pipe
• Repair inflatable boats, wet or dry, made from PVC, Hypalon®, polyurethane
• Bond wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass and more to inflatable fabric
• Fix RV trim, tanks, skylites, roof, drains
• Repair swimming pool liners and covers, grout leaks, skimmers, stainless filters, plumbing, and drains
• Mend diving suits and gear, spa covers, spa shells or exterior wood
• Fix camping tents, shoes, tools, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, masonry, landscaping materials

Directions* (also see directions for bonding polyethylene using flame treating)
1. Please note caution information on dispenser.

2. Clean and roughen all bonding surfaces. Be sure to remove contaminants such as grease, oil and dirt with a strong detergent. MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) works best to clean hard to bond to surfaces like Hypalon®. Use acetone or lacquer thinner to clean other surfaces. Sand to bare surface with 80-100 grit sandpaper to ensure adhesion. Remove all grit and dust after sanding. (Wash again to achieve best surface contact.)

3. Remove cap, if the material was not opened previously, cut tips of nozzle ends at groove closest to resin and hardener.

4. Disperse equal parts of resin and hardener. Add pigment if desired (Fibre-Glass Evercoat’s coloring agents work well with our epoxy material.) Do not use more than 5% pigment per total volume of epoxy.

5. Be sure to mix for two to three minutes. The FlexSet should be a uniform color. (Proper mixing time ensures an accurate cure.)

6. Apply to bonding surfaces, press together leaving sufficient adhesive between joint.

7. Replace cap on nozzle.

8. Clean any uncured epoxy with rubbing alcohol.

Working time is 15-30 minutes, material will set in 1-2 hours, full cure in 24 hours at 72°F. Expect longer cure times at lower temperatures.

Directions for bonding polyethylene using flame treating:
1. Fit a propane torch with flame spreader.

2. Following the operating cautions of the propane torch, ignite the flame.

3. Observe the flame in a darkened room, noting the primary (bright blue) and secondary (faint yellow) portions of the flame (see drawing).

4. Adjust the flame so that the primary flame is contained within the spreader, and the secondary flame is 1-1/2″ beyond the spreader (see drawing).

5. Treat the polyethylene to be bonded with the tip of the secondary flame by passing it over the polyethylene in 5 gentle strokes. Total exposure to the flame should be 2-3 seconds (.5 second per stroke.) This light exposure should not deform or melt the polyethylene in any way.

6. Test the polyethylene for bond readiness by wetting it with water. If the water runs off immediately, the treatment was not effective. If the water sheets on the surface, the surface is ready for bonding. If unsure, compare the water’s action on the treated area with the untreated area.

7. Bond joints per the above directions within 1 hour after flame treating. Always prepare test bonds to be certain that flame treating is effective with your material.