At the heart of the Akita Noshiro offshore wind farm lie 33 monopile foundations standing firm because of Densit® grouting solution

Japan’s First Commercial Offshore Wind Farm

Located on the coast in Akita Prefecture, Japan, not far from the rugged, mountainous terrain, stand the markers of the region’s future of wind energy. In September 2021, the final monopile and transition piece were installed at the 140 MW Akita Noshiro, Japan’s first commercial offshore wind farm. Not only does this mean that all 33 wind turbine foundations were mounted and connected, but they were permanently installed with several tons of Densit® Ducorit® S5R grouting solution. 

High Strength, Excellent Flowability and Outstanding Fatigue Resistance

Working off Noshiro Port and Akita Port, ITW Performance Polymers worked collaboratively to ensure project completion in specification with the project developers and owners, Akita Offshore Wind Corporation.

The project is a success, having started in early May with all 33 foundations (20 units installed off the port in Noshiro and 13 off the port in Akita) installed by September 19, 2021.

The high strength, excellent flowability and outstanding fatigue resistance made Ducorit S5R cementitious grout the perfect fit for this project.

Fewer Emissions

The 33 Vestas V117 – 4.2 MW wind turbine installation is scheduled for April 2022. Once fully commissioned, the renewable energy source will go beyond providing electric power to the region and result in fewer emissions than traditional means of energy production.

Noshiro Port. Source Akita Offshore Wind Corporation
Noshiro Port Source: Akita Offshore Wind Corporation
Noshiro Port. Source Akita Offshore Wind Corporation 1
Akita Port Source: Akita Offshore Wind Corporation
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