Chockfast Red HF Motor-Driven Gas Compressor Package at Devon Energy


Chockfast Red HF is the next generation, three-component, 100% solids epoxy grout. Our latest product in a long line of successful machinery grouting and chocking compounds, Chockfast Red HF offers excellent high-flow qualities for improved working and placement – and it is pumpable.

Chockfast Red HF is suitable for small and large volume pours – achieving excellent cured properties for dependable, long-term service under increasingly difficult-to-grout industrial machinery and equipment.

The contractor achieved highly successful results using Chockfast Red HF – installing the grout under a gas compressor with an elevated foundation. This installation had great significance for the contractor – while it was their first installation using a pump placement method, it was also their first installation using epoxy grout.

The contractor completed installation of Chockfast Red HF using pumped placement technique. The pump used was a Model P-25 grout pump, manufactured by Machine Technologies. 40 units, or 100 cu. ft. (2.83 m³, 2,832 liter), of Chockfast Red HF was required to complete the job.


Application complexity The fabricated skid had a substantial size “footprint” – large overall dimensions that can make preparations and installation of grout more difficult and costly. In addition, the equipment package was located on a 3 ft (914mm) elevated foundation. The additional time needed and cost involved with setting up the work area (platforms, head troughs, equipment needs, etc.) became a key consideration to the final selection of Chockfast Red HF, and the pump placement method.

Remote location Nobody need imagine the ramifications of being unprepared for the grout work in a remote location. 

Once on site, it is critical to success that the installer have a sufficient and knowledgeable workforce, along with all tools & equipment necessary for getting the grout work done. Any delays while onsite would have a negative effect on their cost control and profitability. Seamless planning and execution of the grouting operation was vital to success.
Weather conditions Summer time in dry climates and at high elevations can provide for a wide temperature cycle within a 24 – hour period – with cool nights and hot days. The weather conditions outside had a direct effect in the work area even though the installation work was inside a building. Grouting in potentially hot conditions required the work commence early in the morning to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Using the pump placement method, considerably less labor, equipment and materials were required to perform the work – contributing a significant reduction in time and overall project costs. This project demonstrated how easy Chockfast Red HF is to use and the simplicity of the pump placement method for installation of epoxy grout under difficult-to-grout applications. Having no previous experience with using epoxy grouts or grout pumps, the contractor was able to achieve definitive success the first time out with proper instruction on material, equipment and technique.
The selection of Chockfast Red HF for this installation also provided a number of major enhancements to the grout operation and performance benefits to the customer. The fluid consistency of Chockfast Red HF does not require reducing aggregate loads to improve grout flow and helps to reduce grout waste – less volume is required to achieve desired results versus standard grout formulations.
The fluid qualities and unique formulation of Chockfast Red HF are also keys to consistent performance when using grout-ready pumps as a placement alternative. Using pumps can save time and money on costly assembly and dismantling of head boxes, grout troughs and platforms that may be required when placing grout in a conventional manner. Pumping also makes it increasingly easier to reach areas with very limited access with a high level of placement control.
The large unit size and improved mixing process of Chockfast Red HF allows for more productive grout batching – produce greater amounts of mixed grout with less effort and time. This provides more ready material on-hand for placement and high-output placement. Excellent working & cured physical properties are achieved with Chockfast Red HF even at shallow depths:
• Long working time, but fast curing rates.
• High cured structural properties – compressive, tensile, flexural.
• High Effective Bearing Area (EBA) – greater contact for better load spread and vibration damping.


Approximate Skid dimensions (each)
32 ft (9,754 mm) L x 16 ft (4,877 mm) W

Foundation dimensions (each)
35 ft (10,668 mm) L x 19 ft (5,791 mm) W

Design grout clearance
2.0 in (51 mm) Actual clearance range 1.5 – 2.0 in (38-51 mm)

Average jobsite weather conditions during grout installation
Clear, 60 – 90°F (15 – 32°C)

As occurred in each compartment, Chockfast Red HF was poured into the feed access hole to a head depth of approximately 3-4 in (76-102 mm) thick at the point of placement, enough head pressure to flow across the entire compartment area. Approximately 20 minutes into mixing and placement, Chockfast Red HF flowed across and appeared at the access hole on the opposite end – a distance of 9 ft (2743 mm).

In many areas, Red HF was found to free – flow under the cross members and into adjacent compartments even before the actual compartment was completely finished! As for the areas under flanges with extremely thin gaps (< 1/16”, or 1.6 mm), the HF managed to flow under the 12 in (305 mm) wide-flanges in about 30 minutes.


The high percentage of areas under the skid, which lacked necessary flange contact, was partly due to the poor performance of the competitive grout. This created a serious obstacle in providing the crucial layer necessary for support and load transference between the equipment and foundation.
Using Chockfast Red HF, this contact is now absolute between all support flanges and grout as per the original intent.
This application challenged the problem-solving talents of the group, who obediently passed the test. It also confirmed the versatility of Chockfast Red HF as the best solution for a wide array of difficult applications and conditions where average grouting products may fall short.