Frequently Asked Questions

Devcon Questions:

If you have a question about a Devcon Home, Versachem, or ITW Consumer product, please visit the ITW Consumer Website for more information.

Although nonconductive, there have been many experiences reported where the Titanium Putty has been successfully powder coated when used for small repairs such as filling unwanted holes or making good weld seams.

For many products, this will be part of a six-digit lot number on the packaging that reads as follows:
For the first format (commonly found on Plexus and Devcon products), use lot #001051 as an example:
• The first digit is the year after 2020, so 0 indicates 2020
• The second and third digits are the month, so 01 indicated January
• The fourth and fifth digits are the date, so 05 indicates the 05th
• The sixth number is the batch number, so 1 indicates batch #1

General Questions:

The product information you are looking for can be found on our Safety Data Sheets Page.

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