• Increase equipment & foundation service life
  • Lower equipment operating cost
  • Lower maintenance cost

The Chockfast range of high-performance epoxy grouting and chocking compounds provides precise and permanent alignment of all machinery, resistance to expansion under hot-running machinery and rapid curing with negligible shrinkage.

Chockfast products have an unmatched reputation for reliability with major gas pipelines, chemical, petrochemical and refining complexes, power plants, mining operations as well as industrial construction operations worldwide.

Chockfast FAQ

What is the minimum required hardness for Chockfast Orange?
Chockfast Orange Barcol Hardness: min. 35
What are the limits in chock heights, lengths, and widths?
Chockfast Orange 12 mm – 100 mm (½” – 4”), depending on temperature and mass of steel
Chockfast Gray 12 mm – 50 mm (½” – 2”)
For exceptions, please contact ITW Performance Polymers Technical Services
Could you support us to calculate the required quantity of Chockfast?
We recommend the following for calculations: For Chockfast #692g and basic chocking procedure, please view the specific product on this page.


Chockfast Orange
100% effective bearing underneath supported equipment
Chockfast Black
Black Pourable, two-component, deep-pour structural epoxy “chock”
Chockfast Gray
Highly flowable, two-component, thin pour “chock” designed to maintain proper alignment and support of machinery and equipment
Phillymastic TG-7B
Two-component, load-bearing, epoxy mastic specifically developed for LPG/LNG tank
Chockfast Red Versaflow
Breakthrough pumpable epoxy grout for alignment, support and vibrational dampening of critical equipment.
Chockfast Red HF
Three-component, epoxy-based grouting compound designed to improve the installation of grout in the most difficult machinery
Chockfast Red
Three-component, high strength, 100% solids, epoxy grouting compound
Chockfast Red SG
Three component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound which is used to grout large machinery and to support soleplates
ESCOWELD 7505E/7530
Highly flowable, epoxy grout system engineered for use with dynamically - operated industrial machinery and equipment
CWC 604 Machine Bond
Three-component, 100% solids epoxy resin grout formulated for the installation of heavy machinery
Chockfast Blue
Two-component, aggregate-filled, pourable epoxy grouting compound for severe applications.
ITWPRC 100 Non-Shrink
High performance, non-shrink precision grout
Super Ceramic Repair Liquid
Unique ceramic filled, high build, brush able epoxy coating
Super Ceramic Repair Putty
Smooth ceramic-filled epoxy putty with exceptional wear resistance
Phillybond #6
Two-component, high strength epoxy paste for the repair of punctures or cracks in tanks
Phillyclad #8
Two-component, fast-setting epoxy laminating resin system designed for high strength fiberglass reinforced repairs
ITW Repair Compound
Two-component, 100% solids, epoxy paste developed specifically for filling, smoothing and fairing applications
Expansion Joint Compound
Two-component epoxy resin formulation intended as a flexible foundation seam sealant
Super Alloy Titanium Putty
The latest in high technology, high bond strength repair systems.
Impax IXT -59 Solvent
Aromatic hydrocarbon solvent used for general epoxy cleanup of tools and equipment
ITW Release Agent
ITW Release Agent
Glass Tape
Accessory Product
Phillybond® Orange
Flexible Stern Tube Sealant
Phillybond TA-30
Two component, high tack strength epoxy for general bonding and structural applications
Chockfast PG-2089
Versatile epoxy compound for patching, waterproofing and joining
Phillyclad 5066A
Two component, heavy duty coating designed for applications requiring a high degree of resiliency
Phillyclad 1775/620TS
Excellent general purpose, nontoxic laminating resin system
MS-7CZ Rust Inhibitive Primer
Heavy duty, anti-corrosive epoxy-polyamide primer