CPAP machine short circuiting prevented thanks to Insulcast®

Short circuiting in CPAP machines prevented

If you experience sleep apnea than you are likely familiar with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (or CPAP) machine. CPAP machines deliver just enough air pressure through a face mask to keep your upper airway open. What you may not know is that there is a ceramic disk heating element within the machine often protected by a potting compound from the room temperature water used in the CPAP machine. It’s important that the heating element not get too hot or the device will short circuit, which is dangerous considering the sleep apnea sufferer is asleep while wearing the device directly over his or her face.

To prevent short circuiting, the general-purpose potting and casting compound Insulcast 116 FR was applied. It’s not only among the safest epoxy compounds but it’s easy-to-use and well suited for a variety of manufacturing applications. Read more about the CPAP machines using epoxy compound.

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