Devcon® Coatings Used to Repair Corrosion & Erosion Damage on Pumps

wear impacting industrial equipment untreated pump

When a metal epoxy product like Devcon Titanium Putty makes the news for restoring industrial equipment, the ITW Performance Polymers team shares in celebrating the success of the Devcon brand because whether it’s this specific metal epoxy putty or a time-tested metal epoxy adhesive, we love bringing high performing solutions to our customers. 

In May 2023, Pumps & Systems magazine ran an article on a metal putty used to repair corrosion and erosion on damaged pumps and systems. Even though there are different types of metal repairs in pump applications, Devcon has a broad range of protective coating products that successfully repair a variety of pumps. Devcon metal epoxy solutions are high-strength, resistant to chemicals, water, and heat. They can be used to repair a variety of metal substrates and materials. 

Pumps and pump systems repaired with Devcon coatings have extended working lives and reduced downtime and maintenance cost. Use the Devcon brand of industrial coatings and metal epoxy putty to increase value in your operations.