ITW Performance Polymers Drives GHG Emissions Reductions

ITW Performance Polymers News Sustainability Report 2021

ITW’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity reduction strategy has resulted in a 37% reduction through 2021 (compared with the 2017 baseline). This reduction is a result of decreased energy consumption and increased use of renewable energy. The growing electric vehicle market and others making a more positive impact on the environment will continue to be supported by ITW’s sustainability initiatives.  

Page 28 of the ITW statement on sustainability specifically speaks to the efforts within the five facilities that make up ITW Performance Polymers (U.S., Ireland, and Denmark). A dedicated team utilizes ITW’s sustainability framework to continuously evaluate opportunities to invest in initiatives that improve our operational efficiency and reduce our environmental impact. The team meets monthly to discuss activities, share best practices and work towards short- and long-term goals. To this end, ITW Performance Polymers has made quantifiable achievements in environmental sustainability in 2021: 

  • Purchasing 100% renewable energy (Aalborg, Denmark; Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, U.S.; Danvers, Massachusetts, U.S.; Clearwater, Florida, U.S.)  
  • Upgrading to more energy efficient, automated equipment  
  • Refitting production lines  
  • Converting propane fork trucks to electric  
  • LED lighting retrofits and motion sensor lighting throughout the facility
  • Educating employees on energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling practices  
sustainability using green energy

What’s next after this success with sustainability? ITW Performance Polymers is evaluating opportunities to install electric vehicle charging stations and solar energy generation onsite. Reducing environmental impact is more than just a possibility at ITW Performance Polymers, it’s here, it’s green and everyone’s a part of it. 

Read ITW’s commitment to sustainability in the recently released 2021 Sustainability Report – Inspired to Make A Difference. As seen in the report, our longstanding commitment to sustainability is rooted in our core values and fundamental to who we are as a company. Supported by strong governance practices, we are inspired to make a difference for our people, our communities and the environment.