Wind farm relies on Densit® Ducorit® S8 grout for fast installation

1,184GWh of clean electricity to be generated a year, approximately 340,000 Dutch households

The Fryslan wind farm is a 380MW commission in the Frisian section of Ijsselmeer Lake in the Netherlands that started in October 2020. With 89 concrete platforms grouted onto monopile transition pieces, the grouting work was extensive. Two tons of Ducorit S8 material per grouted connection were used. Round the clock work was needed to complete the project which was possible because of the continuous pumping process that the Densit brand can handle, surpassing the OPC concrete alternative. The Ducorit S8 grout enabled three foundation installations within 24 hours.

According to NS Energy, the Fryslan wind farm is expected to generate 1,184GWh of clean electricity a year, or approximately 340,000 Dutch households over the expected life span of 20 years. Read more about grouting in the clean energy industry.

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