Chockfast PG-2089

Chockfast PG-2089 is a 100% solids, two-component, equal volume, epoxy system used in combination with thoroughly dispersed fillers and a compatible curing agent.
It has the consistency of peanut butter. Due to its excellent adhesion, overall physical properties and characteristics, PG-2089 is most versatile and accepted as a general purpose mortar adhesive that can even be placed on vertical and overhead surfaces without sagging.

PG-2089 is a versatile epoxy mortar/grout designed for general repair and maintenance. It can be used as an adhesive to join concrete to concrete, masonry or dissimilar
materials. The bond is strong and surpasses the strength of concrete. It is useful as an adhesive to attach tiles, mosaics, glass or other objects to wall or floor surfaces in areas where strength, waterproofing and durability are desired.

As a filler, it is ideal for effective treatment of cracks, voids, and other defects in concrete, brick or block structures.

As a sealant, it is used to fill cracks prior to injection repair. Due to its excellent adhesion and non-shrinking properties, PG-2089 ensures permanent repairs of small holes, depressions, and spalled areas.


  • Pre-Blended Aggregate in Base & Reactor
  • Can Be Used on Vertical & Overhead Surfaces
  • Waterproof
  • Non-Sagging
  • Non-Shrinking
  • 100 % Solids

Technical Bulletin #496