ITW Repair Compound

ITW REPAIR COMPOUND is a two component epoxy paste developed specifically for filling, smoothing and fairing applications on metals, plastics (FRP), wood or masonry. The smooth consistency and excellent non-sagging properties of REPAIR COMPOUND make it unexcelled for leveling rough or pitted plating, forming fillets, smoothing weld seams, etc.

REPAIR COMPOUND is nontoxic and contains no solvents. Resistance to fresh water, salt water, crude and refined oils, gasoline, jet fuel, etc., is excellent

REPAIR COMPOUND is ideal for repairing and preparing surfaces of hulls, storage tanks, sonar domes, etc., for painting, fiberglassing or rubber lining where all welds, pitting, rough surfaces or irregularities are required to be smoothed. The use of REPAIR COMPOUND provides a tough, uniform surface that will readily accept any top coating or lining.

Its exceptional troweling and application characteristics provide a smooth finished surface. If additional finishing is desirable, the cured epoxy is readily sanded or ground. The excellent feathering properties facilitate achieving a precision surface profile or smoothness.

Pump casings, impellers, sea chests, condenser boxes, etc., are easily and effectively repaired with REPAIR COMPOUND. Additional uses include the fairing of corroded or uneven hull and deck plating, repair of cavitation damage, repair and sealing of riveted seams, etc. REPAIR COMPOUND is ideally suited for fairing around sensitive electrical equipment, as it contains no metallic fillers.

Technical Bulletin #1015