Phillybond TA-30

PHILLYBOND TA-30 is a two component, high tack strength, epoxy adhesive specifically developed for the installation of vibration damping materials such as MLD-2 Tiles, RA, Saper, Isoper, PVC and other. Clamping or shoring is generally eliminated as TA-30 Adhesive will support in excess of 25 kg/sq.m. (5 lbs./sq.ft.) on overhead and vertical surfaces while curing takes place. TA-30 is excellent for grouting between damping tile sheets and for forming fillets at welds or seams.

TA-30 is nontoxic and contains no solvents. Fumes and odors of mixed TA-30 are negligible thus facilitating usage in confined areas. Resistance to fresh water, salt water, crude and refined oils, gasoline, jet fuel, etc., is excellent.

Technical Bulletin #958