Densit® Primer

Densit® Primer is a special cement-based dry ready-mixed powder. Densit® Primer works as a continuos compact bonding agent between the Densitop® screed and the base concrete. When mixed with water the Densit® Primer forms a light fluid slurry that easily can be distributed.

The base concrete is prepared by shot blasting. Afterwards the surface must be water saturated and kept moist at least 24 hours before application. The base concrete must appear clean and solid with exposed aggregates and a minimum compressive strength of 25 MPa. (1.5 MPa in pull of). Before applying the Densit® Primer the base concrete shall be vacuum cleaned to avoid ponds of water.

When cured the Densit® Primer is both impermeable and frost resistant. If the Densitop® is coloured the Densit® Primer should be coloured likewise.