Ducorit® Onshore

Ducorit® R and A product lines are based on innovative ultra high performance cementitious technology that was developed in house by Densit® for use in structural grouted connections for wind turbine foundations and concrete tower joints.

Central to the Ducorit® products is the state of the art UHPC and HPC Densit® Technology. The different properties of Ducorit® A2G and Ducorit® R5G are obtained by a unique mix of high quality cement, aggregates and additives. The products are manufactured as ready-to-mix grout, in 25 kg to 1000 kg bags.

Ducorit® products are characterized by extreme strength and high stiffness making Ducorit® a strong structural component, meeting international high design standards. Using Ducorit® does not require special precautions with respect to environmental or personal hazards.

Ducorit® products are tested in compliance with:

  • Ü sign, German DAfStb production and use of cement-bound cast concrete and mortars, 2011.”
  • CE-marking
  • GL Design guideline 2010
  • NF/EN 12620