Densit® WearSpray 2000

Densit® WearSpray is suitable for wear protection of large areas and system components with complex geometric shapes exposed to moderate to severe wear.

Densit® WearSpray can be sprayed both horizontally, vertically and overhead. Installation capacity can easily be more than 100m2 a day and a rebound loss of less than 1% of the material only.

Densit® WearSpray 2000 wear resistant linings provide excellent protection against moderate wear at temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).

Examples of plant equipment and system components lined with Densit® WearSpray:

  • Grinding mills for clinker, cement, slag and coal
  • Pneumatic conveyor systems for cement, slag and coal
  • Dust extraction equipment
  • Static and dynamic separators
  • Cyclones, Flash, Chutes, Etc.