RTVS A-4000

INSULCAST RTVS A-4000 is a two component solvent based silicone resin adhesive with excellent lap shear and peel strengths at elevated temperatures. RTVS A-4000 can be used to bond silicones, mylar, metals and many engineering plastics, and will maintain significant peel strength up to 300°F. It will retain flexibility over an elevated temperature range of -73° to 260 °C.

RTVS A-4000 is approved for use within the Army Missile Command, The Department of the Army and is available for use by all agencies of the Department of Defense under MIL-A-47317(MI). The overall balance of peel strength, cohesion, lap shear strength and high temperature holding power observed in RTVS A-4000 adhesive provides a versatility that makes this product useful in a wide variety of fastening and
bonding applications.