te ka scrubb less

TE-KA takes the work out of teak care. Cleans and brightens heavily soiled teak and other fine-wood decks and trim without scrubbing or bronze wool. Removes gray oxidation, oil, fish blood stains, and residue by a two-step chemical process that is fast, easy — and scrub-less. No sanding required to achieve a beautiful golden teak color.

Application/Direction Information
TE-KA deep cleans without any hard scrubbing.

Wear protective glasses and rubber gloves. Mask adjacent surfaces such as mahogany, metal, fiberglass and painted areas. Do not allow TE-KA formula A to remain on caulked seams for more than 3-4 minutes before neutralizing with formula B. If formula A spills on fiberglass, painted or other surfaces, neutralize immediately with formula B, then rinse off with plenty of water.

1. Wet teak deck and surrounding area with water. Apply formula A over wet deck directly from bottle over a 3-4 sq ft area. Spread evenly with a rough pad or low-bristled brush. Do not scrub. When area darkens in a few minutes, brush lightly. Mist water over any area that has dried before applying formula B.

2. Pour formula B and spread evenly over dark brown area and gently brush loosened dirt out of the grain. Area will lighten to golden yellow. Thoroughly hose area with plenty of water, including run-off area.

When cleaning teak trim, squirt on a small amount of TE-KA formula A, and spread with a small brush to prevent run-off stains.

After teak has dried, apply a quality teak oil to protect the surface of teak and other fine woods.