National Intern Day 2022 at ITW Performance Polymers

ITW Performance Polymers internship 2022 collage

Today is National Intern Day! We are thankful to have a fantastic team of interns this summer at ITW Performance Polymers. Our interns bring fresh perspectives and have valuable insights to offer. We learn from them as much as they learn from us. Read below to see what our summer interns have to say about their work experience:

“In the professional world, internships are known for their menial tasks. I too have had my fair share of experiences grabbing the coffee, but here at ITW Performance Polymers things are done a bit differently. From the start of my internship, the marketing team has trusted in me, in my potential, and I have had the chance to make a meaningful impact. I could not be more grateful!”

Anna Bonaccorso Intern 2022
Ashley Sullivan Intern 2022

“Not only was I able to gain professional financial experience within this internship, but I was also able to work within a great and welcoming team that thankfully helped me throughout this summer. Working within a collaborative and helpful group makes the tasks, goals, and objectives a lot easier and more enjoyable!”

“ITW Performance Polymers has given me an opportunity to have hands on, experiential learning. My time at ITW has also allowed me to understand how all facets of the business work together, as well as witness what it is like to be a good colleague.”

Bryce Kauffman Intern Montgomeryville

“Moving from corporate last summer to this year here in Danvers, MA has proven a really good experience. Learning the processes that the business does to make products and getting my hands dirty have helped me experience so much in the Safety field. This work is getting me ready for my career in the future.”

“Working at ITW has not only taught me key skills to excel in my field but also that working with peers around my age is a refreshing experience. ITW Performance Polymers promotes employee resource groups like Young Professional Network (YPN) which allows me to network with people my age. At ITW, I have been able to make connections that will stick with me throughout my career.”

Samantha Gaigals Intern 2022

“Throughout my internship, I made sure to ask endless questions to broaden my horizons of knowledge with regards to my college course. Asking questions allowed me to gain more experience in my role and it helped me to develop a broad range of skills and practical skills that I can carry forward into my final year of college.”

“Working at ITW Performance Polymers has provided me with the experience and knowledge needed to transition from college to the workforce. It is the perfect balance that provides learning experiences, challenging projects, and most of all fun!”

Zachary Day Intern 2021 2022

Read the article Hands-On Experience: Interning at ITW Performance Polymers,” from our previous intern, Paige. 

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