Plexus® structural adhesives are proven to provide durable bonds in the toughest applications

Plexus advanced structural adhesives improve processes and techniques in manufacturing and assembly. The wide range of Plexus adhesive products are multi-material bonders suitable for bonding a wide variety of composites, thermoplastics, and metals (including dissimilar substrates) with minimal or no surface preparation. Plexus adhesives are the perfect solution for your application needs. You can use our acrylic glue for panel bonding, reinforcement bonding, bracket bonding, accessories bonding and many other industrial applications including metal sign assembly.

Formulated to stand-up to harsh climatic conditions as well as stress, shock, and impact, Plexus adhesives create long-term durability by distributing stress, resisting fatigue, and eliminating point-loads and leak paths.

Engineers trust Plexus adhesives to last well beyond the expected life of their parts & assemblies, while at the same time primerless adhesion, easy dispensing, and room-temperature cure help operations produce more parts per hour with the same or even reduced manufacturing footprint.

Our commitment to quality is delivered in every adhesive system we produce, providing our customers with confidence in the reliability & consistency of our products. Plexus adhesives are available globally and are supported by our expert sales, R&D, and engineering teams.

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Assembly Optimization:

Metal To Metal Bonding

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