Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

If you have a question about a Devcon Home, Versachem, or ITW Consumer product, please visit the ITW Consumer Website for more information.

The product information you are looking for can be found on our Safety Data Sheets Page.

Products can be purchased through our distributor network. Click here to find the distributor closest to you.

  • For many products, this will be part of a six-digit lot number on the packaging that reads as follows:
    •  For the first format (commonly found on Plexus and Devcon products), use lot #901231 as an example:
      • The first digit is the year after 2010, so 9 indicates 2019
      • The second and third digits are the month, so 01 indicated January
      • The fourth and fifth digits are the date, so 23 indicates the 23rd
      • The sixth number is the batch number, so 1 indicates batch #1
    • Another format (for some Plexus products) may be SDDMMX, where DD is the date, MM is the month, and X is the batch number.
    • Some Chockfast products may be formatted as follows:
      • 010519-111 -> resin side date of manufacture is 05/01/2019
      • XXXXMMYY -> XXXX is the part indicator and batch number, (for example, SG11 for Chockfast Red SG batch 11) MM is the month, and YY is the year

For most other products, the date of manufacture and expiration will be printed directly on the packaging.

If you have a product that does not have any of these kinds of markings, please contact Technical Service for information.

Plexus H4110 and Plexus PU2105 are capable of bonding low surface energy plastics with the appropriate surface treatment.