Phillymastic TG-7B

Phillymastic TG-7B is a two-component, load-bearing, epoxy mastic specifically developed for LPG/LNG tank or container system installations where shimming or void-filling of supporting components is required. TG-7B provides excellent load-bearing and adhesive properties at cryogenic temperatures assuring evenly distributed loads across all tank supports.This mastic is available as either a pourable liquid or a trowelable paste. Both can be mixed either by hand or with automatic dispensing equipment.

Technical Bulletin #1025


  • Easy to use
    - No need to fit the wooden blocks to conform to tank surfaces
    - Fills up voids & provides 100% bearing area
  • Flexible application
    - Available in both liquid and paste versions
    - Can be used for various tank and shape designs
  • Designed for low temperature
    - Tolerates thermal expansion
    - Suitable for Cryogenic temperature range of -165°C to +40°C
  • Structural stability
    - Creates uniform load bearing area over wooden blocks
    - Ensures weight of tanks is evenly distributed for stability
  • Optimal structural & adhesive properties
    - High compressive strength and creep resistance to support tanks
    - Fills voids in wooden support blocks and binds them together
  • Approved by all major Classification Societies and used at shipyards all over the world

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