Phillyclad 5066A

Phillyclad 5066A is a two component, heavy duty coating designed for applications requiring a high degree of resiliency combined with excellent adhesion and impact properties. The compound is resistant to oils, fuels and most chemicals, is nontoxic and contains no volatiles. PHILLYCLAD 5066A is self-extinguishing and meets the requirements of ASTM-D-635.

Use and Benefits
Typical applications include the coating of lagging or insulation on piping, boilers, valves, etc., to prevent the absorption of oils and the associated fire hazard. PHILLYCLAD 5066A is designed to protect monolithic types of insulation and other semiresilient substrates from abuse or damage.

Easily applied at thicknesses up to 6mm (1/4″), PHILLYCLAD 5066A effectively seals out contaminants while providing a tough resilient coating highly resistant to heat, impact or other damage.

Technical Bulletin #946