Devcon® Flexane® Fast-Cure Rubber Repair Putty


Fast-curing urethane that makes fast, convenient repairs to torn conveyer belts. This product is also used to coat metal splices and repair holes and gouges in rubber belting and other equipment.

15049 Devcon Flexane Fast Cure Putty

Key Features

  • 8-minute working time
  • No-mess dispensing with fast, easy, 400ml reusable cartridges
  • Automatic mix nozzle thoroughly mixes the two components (Nozzle tip can be trimmed to regulate the flow for precise application)
  • Light service duty in 3 hours
  • Thixotropic , creamy formula which thickens in time
  • Replaces #15046 in the Flexane® line
  • Open Time: 8 Minutes
  • Color: Grey
  • Unit Size: 400ml cartridge

Only available in North & South America