Devcon® Epoxy Coat™ 7000 (Non VOC)


100% solids (no volatile organic compounds) self-leveling floor coating that can be applied to smooth or mildly spalled concrete, producing an extremely durable and attractive chemical-resistant finish. NSF R2 Approved.

12710 Devcon Epoxy Coat 7000 non VOC

Key Features

  • Silica aggregate can be added to rebuild floors that need a “high build” coating of 1/8″ or greater
  • Safe-T-Grit 300 or Anti-Skid Silica (food grade) can be added to the mixture to provide a non-skid surface
  • NSF R2 Approved
  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants
  • Unit Size: 2 gallon
  • Cure Time: 24 hours

Only available in North & South America