Improve Manufacturing Throughput with Plexus Adhesives

Optimize assembly process & production throughput

After unplanned or forced shutdowns due to unforeseen events, manufacturers often must reconcile with a large backlog of orders. This is where Plexus methylmethacrylate adhesives are proven to assist OEMs with their manufacturing efficiency. Plexus adhesives have a long history of performance and are designed to optimize manufacturing processes and improve production throughput.

We target ways to reduce the amount of labor, Before joining parts, During the joining process, and After the joining process.

Upstream - Before the Joining Process

Reduced Preparation Steps: Select Plexus adhesives are primer-less, adhering to many substrates, eliminating time consuming and costly surface preparation steps.

Many substrates require only a dust free surface or light solvent wipe, which preserves the original substrates intended surface. No holes need to be pre-dilled or punched. No rivets have to be placed. 

During the Joining Process

Fast dispensing and quick curing mechanisms are some key attributes that contribute to faster production times. This is seen in the following case study; When joining a hat section reinforcement to sheet metal, Plexus can be seen to use the least amount of labor to complete the assembly:

Plexus adhesives exhibit fast strength development. Compared to other adhesive chemistries, Plexus systems achieve rapid fixturing strengths allowing for less waiting and the ability to unclamp much quicker. This results in a more flexible manufacturing environment with fewer fixtures.

Downstream – After Joining Steps

Plexus adhesives structurally join and seal parts. This often eliminates secondary sealing steps, which takes more time and added costs. The area where sealant is applied could be in another part of the plant or a different equipment may be required. Moving parts throughout the plant or changing equipment further contributes to wasted time and added assembly costs. Such a scenario is common.

Below case study demonstrates the use of Plexus adhesives to replace manual riveting of a large roof section, which included a secondary sealing and finishing step. Results show assembly time (man-hours) was reduced by 1/3rd when joined using Plexus adhesives.

Another downstream step that can be reduced (especially when switching from welding), is the reduction in grinding or realignment due to warping. Plexus adhesives can be an incredibly strong metal glue used to replace welding. Eliminating warping due to excess heat generation and eliminating grinding downstream are the key reasons manufacturers switch to Plexus Adhesives. 

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