Protect Sensitive Electronic Components with Insulcast® RTVS 27

Insulcast protects against overheating - Insulcast thermal management

As electronic assemblies grow smaller and more complex, thermal management of electronic components becomes an extremely critical challenge for part designers and manufacturers. Unprotected electronics can suffer from arcing, overheating, and damage from thermal shock. When product failures related to these conditions occur in the field, they can endanger workers and cause catastrophic failures of critical control systems. Insulcast® thermally conductive potting compounds offer a unique and robust solution to help prevent these problems.

Insulcast Pouring

The Insulcast brand includes a variety of thermally conductive epoxy and silicone potting compounds designed for use within many industrial applications. Insulcast products are often used as thermal management systems within the electronics industry.

Insulcast RTVS 27 is a brand staple and is often used when increased protection of electronic components is necessary. RTVS 27 is a room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone potting compound specifically formulated for low viscosity and high flexibility.

Insulcast RTVS 27 is optimized for a variety of applications where low viscosity, flexibility, and thermal conductivity are needed to protect electronic components. With a viscosity of 2,900 cP, Insulcast RTVS 27 can easily flow to surround small components and self-level to create clean part aesthetics. Insulcast RTVS 27’s low durometer of 60 Shore A, allows it to be flexible enough to resist variations in service temperature, protecting components in hot and cold environments alike. In the case where an individual component of an electronic assembly may need to be replaced, RTVS 27’s low 500 psi tear strength makes it possible to remove and replace components. Once the repair is finished, the unit can be re-potted with RTVS 27 to restore it to its previous condition. In addition, Insulcast RTVS 27’s thermal conductivity of 0.31 W/m°K allows it to effectively draw heat away from components under some of the toughest operating conditions.

Insulcast RTVS 27 RTV Silicone Potting Casting Compound

RTVS 27 is well-suited for a wide variety of electronics applications. For example, this RTV potting compound is used as a thermal management system within a portable CT scanner power supply and provides significant protection of the components in this application. While other more brittle products would crack and fail after extended exposure to heat, RTVS 27 remained flexible and kept the parts it surrounded cool. This product has also been used to protect sensitive components in various electronics applications including high-voltage power supplies and flow measurement devices.

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