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Advanced Structural Adhesives for Assembly Applications

Plexus Benefits

Save Time
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Improve Durability
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Lower Cost to Assemble
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Reduce Leaks
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Design Freedom
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Clean Aesthetics
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Plexus provides a range of advanced structural adhesives that improve manufacturing and assembly techniques and processes. 

The wide range of adhesive solutions are suitable for bonding composites, thermoplastics, metals and dissimilar substrates that result in durable bonds capable of withstanding the harshest climatic conditions with minimal or no surface preparation. 

Value Add Services:

  • Expert Consultants – provide technical information and details to help solve engineering and processing issues for the customer.

  • Technical Support & Service from idea to production – help bring new ideas all the way to commercialization and provide after-sales support.

  • Local Resources – local sales managers that can arrive quickly to provide professional expertise. Plus a wide distributor network with local stocking.

Our commitment to quality is delivered in every adhesive solution we produce; providing our customers with confidence in reliability and consistency in our systems. Be assured in your work. Trust the products you work with.

Talk to our technical services expert to learn more about which Plexus adhesive is most suitable for your project.

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Weld Replacement

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Rivet Replacement

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Improve Manufacturing Throughput

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Joining & Sealing

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