Chockfast Black

CHOCKFAST® Black is a specifically formulated 100% solids, inert filled casting compound developed for use as a chocking material. It is a cost-effective method of maintaining permanent precise alignment of critical equipment. It will withstand severe environments involving high physical and thermal shock.

This unique product is used under gas and diesel engines, compressors, generators, turbines, motors, pumps and various other types of equipment. CHOCKFAST®
Black is ideal for use under these hot running reciprocating and rotating machines because of its excellent resistance to creep and fatigue at high operating temperatures. It is non-shrinking and has a very high impact and compressive strength. Resin chocks made with CHOCKFAST® Black reduce possible bearing or crankshaft damage because they:

  • Minimize heat build-up on foundations
  • Assure precise alignment and unsurpassed contact with bedplates
  • Provide a high coefficient of friction to help hold engines down tight.
  • The excellent flow-ability of CHOCKFAST® Black allows it to fill voids in the chock area and conform to all surface irregularities. 

Technical Bulletin #666