CWC 604 Machine Bond

CWC 604 Machine Bond is a three-component, 100% solids epoxy resin grout formulated for the installation of heavy machinery, pumps, compressors, engines/prime drivers and other production / processing equipment. CWC 604 Machine Bond is designed to provide permanent vertical support where maintaining precision alignment is critical. CWC 604 Machine Bond also aids in the uniform transfer of static and dynamic loads to the concrete foundation and pad.

CWC 604 Machine Bond protects expensive capital investments: Uniform transfer of static and dynamic loads to these monolithic vibration-damping foundation systems assures permanent, maintenance-free alignment of all types of rotary and reciprocating machinery.

CWC 604 Machine Bond is formulated with specialty epoxy resins and a select blend of aggregates to provide the best balance of chemical and physical properties. Low exotherm, easy flow and self-leveling characteristics facilitate efficient placement for a top-quality grouting job – from start to finish.


  • CWC 604 Machine Bond provides faster, more convenient machinery installations
  • Keeps machinery on-line to extend mean running time between scheduled shutdowns
  • protects capital investments
  • reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • Resists chemical attack and effectively damps static and dynamic stresses exerted on the monolithic foundation systems of rotary and reciprocating machinery.

This flowable, self-leveling grout can be used for deep monolithic pours (18″ plus). In addition to excellent physical and mechanical properties, this 100% solids deep-pour grout provides a low exotherm and an extended placement time. Easy clean-up with water.

Technical Bulletin #1104