Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy


Looking for a fast and durable solution to protect your pipe infrastructure? Look no further than Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy – the ideal epoxy hardener for all your repair and maintenance needs. Our innovative epoxy mixture is a rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive that easily dispenses and mixes in seconds, providing fast and effective gap filling solutions for a wide range of applications. The five minute epoxy resin dries in just 15 minutes and reaches functional strength in one hour, making it an ideal solution for those in need of a quick and reliable fix. Our polypropylene epoxy and 5 minute 2 part epoxy are both tough and resilient, ensuring that your pipe infrastructure is safe from damage and wear. Don’t wait any longer to protect your pipe infrastructure – try our Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy today and experience its superior bonding strength and flexibility for yourself.

Key Features

  • Bonds rigid durable substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics, concrete and wood in all combinations
  • Forms a clear hard rigid bond self leveling liquid in minutes
  • Listed under NSN Stock#8040-00-264-6816:#8040-01-067-6126
  • Functional strength in 1 hour
  • 100% reactive, no solvents
  • Low viscosity (10,000 cps)
  • Open Time: 4-7 minutes
  • Fixture Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Color: Clear
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1
  • Working Time Min: 3
  • Working Time Max: 6
  • Fixture Time Min: 10
  • Fixture Time Max: 15

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