Reduce downtime with Devcon® epoxy coating solutions, metal epoxy

The Devcon® brand of maintenance and repair products effectively rebuild equipment to original specifications or prevent failures from occurring in a preventative maintenance program. These include the strongest epoxy and urethane coatings for metal repair, rubber repair, belt repair, corrosion repair and floor repair. The specially formulated epoxy coatings and filler also protect handling & storage equipment from continuous wear and abrasion. 

With the Devcon® structural adhesive, it is possible to bond a broad range of substrates such as rubber, ceramic, phenolic resin, steel, aluminum, pipe wrap, epoxy plastic filler, and exotic metals. The industrial OEM adhesives include epoxy, cyanoacrylate, silicone, anaerobics and urethane technologies.

Over the past fifty years, the Devcon® brand has established its name as a leader in bonding metal. Their signature epoxy putties and two-part epoxy adhesives make it easy for customers to construct strong and durable metal structures. Industrial OEM markets, mining operations, coal-fired power plants, aggregate industries, and pulp & paper manufacturing rely on the good track record of Devcon®’s metal epoxy products for successful production. Businesses in all of these industries have come to depend heavily on Devcon®’s products for their success over the years.

We're the leading manufacturer of industrial metal epoxy. Trust us to deliver quality products that protect and endure.

If you’re bonding metal and need epoxy putties or strong epoxy adhesives, Devcon is the company to turn to. As the leading manufacturer of industrial metal epoxy, Devcon ensures all its products are of top quality and deliver reliable performance for maximum protection and durability. Our products include epoxy adhesives, bonding compounds, wear-resistant coatings and fillers for excess epoxy — with the assurance that if you trust us with your purchase, you won’t be disappointed. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

Maintenance Solutions for the Pulp & Paper Industry

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Epoxy coatings that get the job done quickly and efficiently

Devcon® epoxy coating solutions provide an efficient way to easily reduce downtime in any project. With bonding metal, epoxy putties, and epoxy adhesives which come in both two-part and product sets, you can be sure to have the right product for the right job. Ready-to-use, powerful bonding flexibility with Devcon® ensures protection and durability even under harsh conditions; ultimately letting you focus on getting your much needed repairs done in no time! Our concrete epoxy adhesive is ideal for industrial and durable sealing compound applications. It offers a high-strength, fast-curing epoxy adhesion technology which makes it the perfect choice for any repair or installation project. With Devcon® you can be sure that your repairs will last.

Our metal epoxy putty adhesive is perfect for metal repair and rebuilding surfaces. It offers superior metal repair performance with easy-to-use, fast-curing metal epoxy putty. With Devcon® metal epoxy putty you can build, seal and repair metal surfaces quickly and easily. For versatile epoxy glue solutions, Devcon® provides a variety of epoxy resin adhesives that are ideal for bonding or coating tasks.