Chockfast Red HF

CHOCKFAST® Red HF Epoxy Grout is the next generation, three-component, epoxy-based grouting compound designed to improve the installation of grout in the most difficult machinery and equipment installations. As our latest product in a long line of successful machinery grouting and chocking compounds, CHOCKFAST® Red HF Epoxy Grout is ideal for establishing the long-term support and alignment required by the most demanding industrial machinery installations and operational conditions. CHOCKFAST® Red HF Epoxy Grout is available in red or a neutral white color.

CHOCKFAST® Red HF Epoxy Grout offers improved working and placement qualities. It is suitable for small and large volume pours – achieving excellent cured properties for dependable, long-term service.

Working Properties:

  • Fluid consistency allows large quantities of grout to be pumped using peristaltic and worm drive (progressive cavity) type pumps.
  • Because it is pumpable, it is possible to reach areas with very limited access such as those found in skid package applications or remote applications.
  • No need to reduce aggregate loads to improve flow. Reducing aggregate results in loss of physical properties.
    Allows for high level of placement control.
  • Can also be poured using traditional placement methods.

Performance Properties: 

  • Pumping grout increases placement rates and productivity while reducing installation equipment costs.
  • High effective bearing area (>95%), extremely low shrinkage rates.
  • Fast cure schedule allows quicker return to service.
  • Greatly reduces the amount of over the flange waste.
  • Maintains physical properties even at shallow depths.
  • Can be used in conjunction with very large aggregates to fill large voids in skid packages.

Technical Bulletin #1040