Chockfast Red Versaflow

Chockfast Red Versaflow epoxy grout is a breakthrough pumpable, high flow grout designed to bring versatility and efficiency to the most challenging installations of critical equipment. Chockfast’s continual effort toward product optimization has resulted in the introduction of Chockfast Red Versaflow, offering enhanced working and placement properties while maintaining the robust, long-term performance the Chockfast products are proven to deliver under the most demanding operational conditions.

Chockfast Red Versaflow is a crucial link between equipment bases and foundations. It provides precision alignment, high strength support, and vibrational dampening for a wide range of critical equipment such as:

  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Turbines
  • Engines
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Crushers
  • Ball Mills
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Fans

Pumpable Epoxy Grout
Chockfast Red Versaflow can be effectively pumped and delivered via hose using peristaltic and progressive cavity pumps. High discharge rates are attainable. This approach eliminates the need for manual transport of the grout from mortar mixer to machinery base. The need for head boxes and staging can often be reduced. Hose delivery easily overcomes the challenges of difficult to access areas, such as large skid packages, elevated structures, or congested areas. Combined, the preceding attributes result in significant savings in time, labor, and materials.

High Flow Epoxy Grout
Chockfast Red Versaflow’s unique high flow nature allows for low clearance, large surface area installations. The only grout designed for optimum flow as a standard kit, Chockfast Red Versaflow delivers more than 2.7 times faster flow than competitive epoxy grouts. Its exceptional flow and fill characteristics significantly reduce placement times, all without compromising the quality of cured performance, such as compression strength, creep resistance, and durability. For more information, see our Flow Test video here:

Safe Installations
In addition to providing easier and faster grout placement, Chockfast Red Versaflow ensures a safer working environment than traditional grouts. Hose transport reduces the need for manual labor and the resultant high physical strain imposed on personnel. Pumping the grout reduces spillage, which could lead to accidental falls.

Additional Benefits

  • Outstanding EBA, > 95%. Uniformly distributes the load and dampens vibration.
  • Early development of Compressive Strength enables fast return to service.
  • High ultimate Compressive Strength supports heavy machinery.
  • Resistance to Creep maintains precise alignment, maximizing efficiency and reducing maintenance.
  • Durable, chemical resistant polymer assures reliability.
  • Negligible shrink and low exotherm prevent grout cracking and baseplate warping.
  • Reduction of over the flange waste.

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