Devcon® Flexane® 80 Putty


Trowelable, 100% solids, tear-resistant urethane compound used to line and repair process equipment exposed to impact abrasion, vibration, expansion, and contraction.

15820 Devcon Flexane 80 Putty 1lb
15850 Devcon Flexane 80 Putty 4lb

Key Features

  • Cures to a tough, medium-hard rubber (Hardness 87 Shore A)
  • Easy-to-mix; smoothly trowels
  • Service temperatures to 180°F in dry environments and 120°F in wet environments
  • Bonds to metal, concrete, rubber, wood, and fiberglass surfaces
  • Used with Flexane® primers for maximum adhesion to metal, rubber, and concrete surfaces
  • Open Time: 20 Minutes

Only available in North & South America