Devcon® Epoxy Concrete Sealer


100% solids epoxy that provides a durable, chemical-resistant coating. Can be a primer system for damp surfaces.

Looking for a reliable and long-lasting concrete sealant for your outdoor concrete surfaces? Look no further than Devcon® Epoxy Concrete Sealer. Our epoxy concrete sealers provide the ultimate protection for your concrete surface, no matter the application. This 100% solids concrete protectant guarantees durability, even in areas exposed to harsh chemicals and heavy foot traffic. One of the unique benefits of Devcon® Epoxy Concrete Sealer is its versatility; it can act as a primer system for damp surfaces, saving you both time and money. Whether you’re looking to protect your garage, basement, or a commercial building, this professional-grade concrete sealant is sure to meet your needs. Plus, our acrylic concrete sealer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Don’t wait any longer to protect your concrete surface – try Devcon® Epoxy Concrete Sealer today.

12560 Devcon Epoxy Concrete Sealer

Key Features

  • Self-leveling; easily applied with a brush roller or squeegee
  • Outstanding resistance to many chemicals including acids, alkalis, oils, gasoline, and jet fuel
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 40°F
  • Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants
  • Open Time: 60 Minutes
  • Unit Size: 2 gallon