Devcon® DFense Blok®

Strong metal epoxy that protects processing equipment from abrasion, corrosion and impact

Devcon DFense Blok is a revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound formulated to significantly outlast traditional wear and abrasion products while also providing superior performance in the most severe conditions.

Devcon DFense Blok is widely used in mines, quarries, cement and power plants to repair and protect a broad range of equipment. Operators can reduce downtime and get equipment back up and running within hours!!

Devcon DFense Blok is used to repair processing equipment including scrubbers, ash handling systems, pipe elbows, screens, chutes, chippers, bins, hoppers, bunkers, separators, digester tables. DFense Blok also protects equipment including exhausters, launderers, housing fans, crushers, breakers and conveyor screws.

Reduce repair and maintenance costs with the strongest metal epoxy compound

Key benefits include:

  • 4X better abrasion resistance than competition
  • 7X better drop impact strength than ceramic tile
  • Superior sliding abrasion resistance
  • Withstands high impact conditions
  • Less prone to unexpected fractures
  • Non-sag in Vertical and Overhead applications
  • Open Time: 25 Minutes
  • Gap Fill: .25″ – 1.5″+
  • Unit Size: 30 lb
  • Functional Cure: 4-5 Hours