Plexus MA2015 White


Formulated as an excellent UV and yellowing resistant white, two-part methacrylate adhesive designed for structural bonding of thermoplastic, metal, and composite assemblies. Combined at a 10:1 ratio, MA2015 White is a rapid-curing system. Plexus MA2015 is the standard choice for composite bonding applications in the transportation industry because it requires virtually no surface preparation. Provides a unique combination of excellent fatigue endurance, outstanding impact resistance, and superior toughness.

Key Features

  • Rapid-curing system with an approximate working time of 15 minutes.
  • Requires virtually no surface preparation.
  • Fill Gaps from 0.03 inches to 1.5 inches.
  • Color: White
  • Mix Ratio: 10:1
  • Shear Strength: 1600 - 2000 psi
  • Adhesive: A: 180,000-220,000 cps
  • Activator: B: 35,000-70,000 cps
  • Working Time Min: 12 Minutes
  • Working Time Max: 18 Minutes
  • Fixture Time Min: 40 Minutes
  • Fixture Time Max: 50 Minutes


Only available in North & South America

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