Primerless Adhesion with Plexus Adhesives

Primerless adhesion with Plexus acrylic adhesives


Traditionally, the process of bonding has involved the application of primers to enhance adhesion between substrates and adhesives. However, primers can slow down manufacturing throughputs. Select Plexus high viscosity polyurethane and MMA adhesives are primerless and, as a result, require little to no surface preparation to bond. This blog post will delve into the capabilities of Plexus high viscosity adhesives and how they improve industries with their exceptional performance, versatility, and durability and move beyond a bonding liquid.

Understanding the Primerless Adhesion Advantage

Primerless or primer free adhesion refers to the ability of an adhesive to form a robust bond directly to substrates without the requirement of a separate primer application or surface modifier. This designed in capability not only streamlines the bonding process but also eliminates the added steps and costs associated with primer application. Plexus leading urethane and acrylic adhesive technologies offer a game-changing solution for a wide range of bonding applications, including metal to metal and other dissimilar material bonding.

Applications of Primerless Adhesion with Plexus Adhesives

The versatility of Plexus urethane and acrylic adhesives extends to numerous industries and applications. From transportation and marine to wind blades and general manufacturing, these adhesives have proven track records in bonding applications where primerless adhesion has been required. Whether it’s bonding metals, composites, plastics, or even dissimilar materials, Plexus adhesives provide a reliable and efficient solution.  The versatility of the Plexus systems and absence of a secondary primer application helps eliminate the need for multiple adhesive systems in different areas of an application, streamlining the assembly process and reducing costs.

Exploring the Power of Acrylic Adhesives

Plexus acrylic adhesives are renowned for their versatility and rapid curing properties. Forming strong, resilient bonds on a variety of substrates makes them ideal for applications where speed and reliability are paramount. Whether bonding metal to metal or other materials, Plexus adhesives deliver exceptional results without the need for primers.

High Viscosity for High Strength

The success of primerless adhesion lies in the advanced formulation of Plexus adhesives. One vital component is the purpose designed high viscosity resin, which contributes to the adhesive’s ability to form a reliable bond without the need for a primer. The unique viscosity and flow properties of these adhesives allow for increased chemical adhesion with substrates, resulting in a powerful cohesive bond. As a result, structures assembled with Plexus high viscosity polyurethane and acrylic adhesives exhibit exceptional load-bearing capabilities, resilience, and resistance to environmental factors.


Plexus adhesives are leading adhesive systems with their innovative primerless adhesion capabilities. By eliminating the need for primers, these high viscosity polyurethane (thixotropic) and acrylic-based adhesives streamline the bonding process while delivering outstanding performance and durability. Their legacy lies in their exceptional performance, versatility, and ability to provide robust bonds on various substrates, similar or dissimilar. The high viscosity of the polyurethane adhesives leads to a strong bond. Experience the benefits of primerless adhesion, experience the versatility of Plexus high viscosity polyurethane and acrylic adhesives, and overall bonding improvements from Plexus adhesives.

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