SprayCore® AlphaCoat 1700 Sprayable Filler Increases Productivity by 40%


A utility boom truck manufacturer was seeking to increase their production throughput while maintaining their high-quality product output. Filament wound fiberglass material was coated with polyester filled putty by hand to fix the microporosity of the fiberglass. Applying the putty by hand was a time-consuming process of approximately one hour per application.

Furthermore, the process was inefficient due to the long application wait-time and the need to sand the putty to achieve a smooth finish. The customer was in need of a solution that would solve their current problems and increase production output.


Spraycore AlphaCoat 1700 sprayable filler was selected as it was proven to provide a fast, easy application.

  • The sprayable two-part polyester matrix has a 3-6 minute pot life and achieves a dry to sand in 60-90 minutes that can also be shortened with exposure to heat, minimizing downtime.
  • The customer needed to increase throughput of 30-40 units per day was achieved through the superior chemistry of AlphaCoat 1700.
  • Alphacoat 1700 helps level uneven surfaces and fill pinholes. It is corrosion resistant and can be easily applied on a variety of substrates.
SprayCore AlphaCoat 1700 Fiber wound filament
An example of spraying SprayCore AlphaCoat 1700
Applied SprayCore AlphaCoat 1700
Applied SprayCore AlphaCoat 1700

Project Outcome

The fast cure time, extremely fast and easy sanding along with the self-leveling capabilities of Alphacoat 1700 helped increase productivity by 40% within the plant. The highly efficient sprayable solution met the customer needs and generated a higher throughput as compared to their previous production process.