Laying the Foundation for Success with Chockfast® Epoxy Grouting

Over the last several decades, ITW Performance Polymers has worked with various oil and gas companies to provide reliable results with Chockfast epoxy grouting. Though our proven technologies and high performing outcomes speak for themselves, we have several case studies showing how we have successfully equipped oil and gas companies with high strength epoxy grouting in difficult application conditions. The Chockfast product line has helped this industry keep up with an ever-growing demand for oil. 

Epoxy grouting applications in the oil and gas industry are complex and crucial for such a demanding market. ITW Performance Polymers specializes in making products to address these needs. In fact, our tenured stay in the industry has resulted in numerous case studies that show how Chockfast Red epoxy has performed in the field. Discover how Chockfast Red addresses the typical problems that oil and gas workers face when they are laying foundations for oil skids.

Natural Gas Grouting Installations

In the business of distributing, storing, and processing natural gas, Spectra Energy corporation utilized Chockfast Red under oil skid flanging after a competitor product was unable to reach the necessary degree of surface coverage. After installing the Chockfast epoxy grout overtop the competitors grouting, contact between supporting flanges and grout are secure. As a result, oil processing equipment could resume operation. 

US based oil natural gas production corporation, Devon Energy, utilized Chockfast Red despite a difficult installation process. The versatile Chockfast Red grout was effortlessly installed underneath a fabricated skid with wide dimensions and an elevated foundation three ft above the ground. For this project, Chockfast Red was chosen due to its fluid consistency, simple mixing process, and high effective bearing area. The result? Chockfast Red free flowed to small compartments of the fabricated skid, providing Devon Energy with a simple application process.

Providing clean and dependable gas to US households and businesses, AltaGas needed a grouting solution which would address application complexity. Grouting was required underneath a skid compressor with an array of piping, vessels and other obstructions. With the help of Chockfast, AltaGas was able to mix a high volume of the grouting and apply the product, via pump, throughout the complex system of pipes and obstructions beneath the compressor skid. 

Natural gas provider, MidMar, needed an epoxy grouting system underneath a compressor skid to span a low grout clearance and a large skid footprint. With the versatility and flowability of Chockfast products, Chockfast Red fit applicable installation requirements. The high flowability rates ensured the Chockfast Red installation only spanned three hours, despite the complexity of the skid structure. 

 Taking natural gas production to a whole new level, the petrochemical industry has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, meeting a rising demand for chemical raw materials. With the help of Chockfast epoxy grouting, ITW Performance Polymers has assisted petrochemical plants in solving project complexities and maintaining productivity during this production boom.

Our extremely dedicated team works directly with clients to understand their application needs and provide a high-performance epoxy grout solution. Read on to see how we helped a petrochemical company navigate difficult installation conditions with Chockfast Red.

Grouting in the Petrochemical Industry

An environmentally responsible petrochemical company, Greencore, used Chockfast Red  underneath a compressor skid, when constructing a new remote plant site. Installation requirements included expediency and minimal equipment in order to curb harsh weather conditions. Chockfast delivered on all fronts. Due to the high flow rate of the epoxy grout, Chockfast Red was easily and swiftly installed beneath the oil skid, exceeding customer expectations. 

Over the past decades, outer space network technology has been rapidly expanding to create communication between interplanetary projects. ITW Performance Polymers has had the privilege of working with NASA’s innovative Deep Space Network in creating greater reliability in these communications.

Find out how our Chockfast epoxy grouting system delivered out of this world results for NASA’s Deep Space Network.

Deep Space Network Epoxy Grout

The Madrid Deep Space Communication Network made use of Chockfast Red grouting during the asset renovation of an azimuth elevation telescope. For a grouting system, expectations at the Madrid Deep Space Communication Network were high. A high strength foundation was needed to maintain high precision alignment, reduce signal interfering vibrations, and transfer stress between the rail and foundation. With Chockfast Red grout, all equipment specifications were maintained, providing high precision for the critical alignment of one of the most sensitive telecommunication systems in the world.

The foundation systems used to support highly precise equipment like Deep Space satellites and telescopes are also used across industries, though the equipment being supported may be different. See how our Chockfast Red and Chockfast Orange grout worked together to deliver high compressive strength and ability to bond strong to concrete.

Foundation Grouting at a Cement Plant

A raw mill machine’s foundational plate at a cement plant faced vibration and cracks due to a lack of proper grouting. In addition to this, a significant gap existed between the concrete and the raw mill machine plate. Chockfast Red and Chockfast Orange grouting were successfully used as the grouting solutions that prevented vibrations, filled in gaps, and ensured a strong foundational surface. 

The project outcomes include long-term vibration resistance, precision alignment, equipment and plant downtime reduced to a minimum, and a repeatable solution that will be easy to implement on other foundations and rotating equipment at the plant.


At ITW Performance Polymers, we understand the importance of creating product solutions that solve your unique industry challenges. With our customer focused mentality, we look forward to working with you to understand how we can best help address your epoxy grouting and epoxy chocking needs.

For technical questions and assistance with specialized application or more information on epoxy grouting, contact our Technical Services department.

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