First Commercial Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan Installed with Ducorit® S5R Grout

Ducorit® S5R, the Ultra-High Performance Grout from ITW Performance Polymers, has been successfully utilized in the grouting of Formosa 1 Phase 2, Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm project which was completed on August 17th, 2019.

The project included the installation and grouting of 20 monopile transition pieces near the North West coastline of Taiwan. Each foundation will carry a 6.0 MW Siemens Gamesa wind turbine, providing a total output of 120 MW.

Ambient temperature during installation was well above 30°C which would challenge most offshore grouting materials. One of the benefits of Ducorit® S5R grout is its ability to retain excellent flowability even in high temperature conditions. Given this unique property, all 1,520 Tons of Ducorit® S5R grout were installed smoothly.

Ducorit® S5R grout is approved by DNV-GL for installations up to 40 °C which makes it ideal for grouting in warm climate. The Type Approval Certificate from DNV-GL can be found in the DNV-GL certification finder.

ITW Performance Polymers and the Densit® team thank Seaway7 for their excellent cooperation throughout the project and for yet another offshore wind farm project executed successfully.

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Formosa Wind Farm Densit Ducorit S5R Grout Application
Formosa Wind Farm Densit Ducorit S5R Grout Monopile
Formosa Wind Farm Densit Ducorit S5R Grout Installation