Devcon® Wear Guard™ 300RTC

Room Temperature Cure Wearing Compound that Protects equipment in Wet & Dry conditions up to 300⁰F / 150⁰C.

Devcon Wear Guard™ 300RTC is a revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound formulated to significantly outlast traditional wear and abrasion products under elevated temperatures. This unique formulation enables a durable, long-lasting compound in harsh environments which include chemical corrosion.

Devcon Wear Guard 300RTC protects at elevated temperatures but does not need a post bake oven cure eliminating energy expenses and specialized equipment. Curing at room temperature provides maintenance flexibility, repairs to be done onsite, and a faster repair turnaround.

The room temperature cure wearing compound is used to repair processing equipment including flotation tanks, scrubbers, ash handling systems, pipe elbows, screens, chutes, recontour chippers, bins, hoppers, bunkers, housing fans, crushers & breakers, screw conveyors, cyclones, impellors, and dust collection systems.

Eliminates post bake cure costs and provides long lasting durable protection.

Key Benefits include:

  • 3X Product Life vs competition
  • Superior wear resistance in wet & dry applications
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Withstands temperatures up to 300 F / 150 C.
  • Non-sag in Vertical and Overhead applications
  • Open Time 50-70 Minutes
    • Gap Fill: 0.25” to 1.5”+
    • Unit Size: 30 lb
  • Functional Cure: 8-10 Hours