MS-7CZ Rust Inhibitive Primer

MS-7CZ Metal Primer is a heavy duty, anti-corrosive epoxy-polyamide primer which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from salt and chemical attack. Additionally, MS-7CZ is a HAPS free primer which contains specially formulated zinc complexes which provide State of the Art cathodic protection against corrosion of steel & aluminum. This unique ability allows MS-7CZ to meet the extreme demands of a system in marine environments. MS-7CZ provides excellent protection of surfaces against aggressive and corrosive environments.

ITW RUST INHIBITIVE 7CZ PRIMER is recommended for use as a metal primer in severe industrial and chemical environments. It possesses excellent adhesion to properly prepared iron and steel surfaces, providing rust resistance to ferrous substrates, both on initial application and in the event of damage to the topcoat. It can be used under many epoxy, urethane, vinyl, chlorinated rubber and coal tar/epoxy finish coats.

Technical Bulletin #1035