Super Alloy Titanium Putty

SUPER ALLOY Titanium Repair Compound is the latest in high technology, high bond strength repair systems. The SUPER ALLOY system was conceived through a program utilizing “state-of-the-art” computer science and systematic evaluations. Long, intensive studies resulted in SUPER ALLOY’S specific formulation providing industry with a fast, permanent repair to equipment that might otherwise require costly “downtime.”

The SUPER ALLOY system is the ideal solution to joining such dissimilar metals as iron, steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, brass, zinc, and zinc alloys without the problems of galvanic corrosion.


  • SUPER ALLOY adheres tenaciously to properly prepared surfaces.
  • SUPER ALLOY’s advanced capabilities allow expedient repairs of castings, blocks, foundations, shafts and other equipment without the use of heat, pressure or special tools. The material hardens to a rigid metallic mass which permits drilling, tapping, or machining with ordinary metalworking tools.
  • Super ALLOY creates an integral bond, maintaining a high level of resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and high temperature.

Technical Bulletin #820