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Plastic materials are ubiquitous in our lives. Many manufacturers of plastic parts & assemblies are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their products and have found that incorporating Plexus® structural adhesives into their designs helps them succeed. Plexus offers design engineers the ability to join plastic to metal and quickly join plastic to plastic in their designs. Plexus adhesives are considered best-in-class adhesives for plastics, due to their ability to bond without surface preparation. New developments have enabled Plexus to bond polyamides, permitting intriguing combinations such as bonding polyamide to aluminum for lightweight vehicles.


  • Primerless adhesion to most plastics
  • Cross bond plastic to metal or composites
  • Easy to apply and implement in work flows
  • Fast strength development
  • Low exotherm and low shrink formulas available


  • Bond in design features like stiffeners and brackets
  • Simplify molds and lower capex investments
  • Reduce total cost of assembly