Unlocking The Secret of Effortless Metal Bonding with the Plexus MA8000 series

What are the Plexus MA8000’s? 

In a world where time is money, many often wonder how they can make their process efficient as possible. Whether your project is joining together dissimilar metals or increasing production rate, the Plexus MA8000’s can provide a host of opportunities to improve your process. The MA8000 series of acrylic adhesives is not your classic metal to metal adhesive. The MA8000’s is a primerless metal bonder that allows you to dispense and go with minimal to no surface preparation. This product series has superior fatigue resistance and will bond to a wide variety of metals, coated metals, including galvanized steel, and many types of plastics. The MA8000’s is an acrylic adhesive family that offers a variety of working times providing you the ultimate design flexibility. 

How can I join metal without welding? 

While welding is a tried-and-true assembly method, it comes with some challenges. To achieve a good weld, you must have a skilled welder and the same metal throughout your application to achieve a strong mechanical joint. With ease of use in mind, the MA8000 series was formulated so that anyone can dispense and use this product class with ease. This liquid welding adhesive is the best of both worlds. The MA8000’s has a variety of working times to best fit your application. Whether you need a quick product such as Plexus MA8105 (approx. 5 min. work time) for a fast, tough bond, a large application where Plexus MA8120 (approx. 20 min. work time) would be the perfect fit, or something in the middle like Plexus MA8110 (approx. 10 min. work time), the MA8000’s does it all.

Joining metals without fasteners 

An alternative method frequently employed for metal joining involves the utilization of fasteners. While fasteners tend to result in stress concentrations and cosmetic issues as with welding, the MA8000 series of adhesives ensures an even distribution of load along the entirety of the joint while maintaining quality surface cosmetics. This evenly distributed load not only enhances the strength of MA8000 adhesives compared to fasteners but also mitigates the risk of galvanic corrosion, particularly when joining dissimilar metals. With the advanced technology of Plexus, the MA8000 series emerges as a superior metal-to-metal adhesive, offering unparalleled performance without the concern of galvanic corrosion over time. 

Plexus MA 8000 series cartridges image
Bonding ECoated Steel to G90 Galvanized Steel with Plexus structural adhesive
Bonding ECoated Steel to G90 Galvanized Steel with Plexus structural adhesive

Surface preparation is key! 

It’s a common practice that the best work gets done in a clean space and using a metal adhesive is no different. The secret to a strong lasting bond is a clean surface and that’s why surface preparation is crucial. The MA8000’s are strong, grime fighting adhesives, but they are no match for oxidation. These aluminum adhesives can cut through contamination but it’s always best practice to clean your surface with a solvent such an Isopropanol. This ensures that the MA8000’s are performing to their peak capability – be sure to remove any oxidation on the surface with abrasion. Due to their user-friendly nature, surface prep can be as easy as taking some sandpaper to remove the top surface of the metal.  

A metal bonder that can do it all! 

Acrylic adhesive technology has been around for decades. The MA8000’s are desired due to their primerless metal bonding nature, but this doesn’t limit their use as they also  excel as a leading system for bonding multiple other materials. the bread and butter of acrylic adhesive capabilities. The MA8000’s are also a plastic adhesive and a fiberglass adhesive. Plastics such as ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, and even grades of Nylon are easy for the MA8000’s. This family of structural adhesives provides exceptional strength when it comes to bonding plastics. The MA8000’s are also a great option for fiberglass applications.  


The Plexus MA8000 series emerges as a game-changer in the realm of metal bonding, offering unparalleled ease of use and exceptional performance. These primerless metal bonders enhance your ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in various applications. With superior fatigue resistance and the ability to bond to a wide variety of metals, including galvanized steel, the MA8000 series ensures reliable and long-lasting bonds without the need for welding or fasteners.  

The MA8000 series excel in providing strong, lasting bonds when applied to clean, properly prepared surfaces. Beyond metal bonding, the versatility of the MA8000 series extends to plastic and fiberglass applications, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of joining and bonding needs. Whether you’re joining dissimilar materials, increasing production rates, or tackling plastics and fiberglass, the MA8000 series stands ready to unlock the secret of effortless bonding, providing strength, reliability, and flexibility for your projects. 

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