various metals scaled

There are many options when it comes to joining metals: welding, fasteners and structural adhesives. Over and over again, metal fabricators are finding the advantages of using Plexus® as a metal adhesive. Plexus is fast and easy to apply, reducing the total cost of assembly. No holes required reducing the potential for leaks & corrosion, especially when compared to a riveted assembly. Unlock new design potential by using Plexus to join mixed metals with no galvanic corrosion, or join metal to plastic or composite. Welding thin to thicker metals together can be challenging and lead to warping or burn through. Using Plexus adhesives as a metal to metal adhesive eliminates the issue and may lead to an opportunity to downgauge sheet metal.


  • High strength and toughness
  • Primerless adhesion to raw and coated metals
  • Fast and easy to apply


  • Join thin to thick gauge with no warping
  • Reduce leak potential
  • Reduce total cost of assembly
  • Join mixed metals without galvanic corrosion
  • Join metal to other materials