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Eye-catching buildings can be as impressive in their construction as they are in their appearance. Plexus® adhesives are helping to shape next-generation of architecture by combining high-strength with flexibility, and the ability to join dissimilar materials.

Architects are broadening their choice of construction materials, such as pultrusions, composites, and ACM panels – and they need a robust way of joining them without taking away from their unique properties.

Plexus adhesives offer excellent environmental resistance & durability for exterior components. Window & door manufacturers benefit from simplified assembly & the broad adhesive properties of Plexus products to expand their material & design options.


  • Primerless adhesion to metals, plastics and composites
  • Cross bond plastic to metal or composite to metal
  • Easy to apply and non-sag
  • Cures tack free, easily sanded
  • Low exotherm and low shrink formulas available
  • Multiple colors available


  • Enables design freedom with multiple materials
  • Fast and simple assembly process
  • Clean aesthetics
  • Confidence in long term environmental resistance